EX-SC-412 Self Contained Carpet Extractor, 4 Gal - 9007478
EX-SC-412 Self Contained Carpet Extractor - 9007478

EX-SC-412 Self Contained Carpet Extractor - 9007478

Clean smaller areas, quickly with this self-contained carpet extractor.
Clean residential, rentals, and small spaces perfectly with the EX-SC-412 extractor's easy-to-use design and lift-off recovery bucket.
Move easily in and out of vehicles or up and down stairs due to its lightweight design, folding handle and recessed transport grips.
Depend on this extractor's body construction and design to deliver years of cleaning performance.

Key Reliability and Performance Features of the EX-SC-412
Empty the EX-SC-412 extractor into a drain or sink with ease with a lift-off recovery tank.
Simplify operation with one-button cleaning.
Adjust this self-contained extractor's folding handle to multiple positions for operator comfort.
Two spray jets with convenient trigger grips dispense solution evenly.
4 Gallon Capacity.
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